CBD/CBG Blends (THC-Free option)

Product Description

Here we have taken our 99% Pure CBD Isolate and combined it in a 1:1 ratio with our CBG (Cannabigerol). By doing this we arrive with these fantastic CBD/CBG Blends that provide you with the best of both worlds. Both Cannabinoids assist each other to improve and increase each others effectiveness. This particular blend has been made to be THC-Free, so again, the perfect CBD/CBG blend option for those having to consider the possibilities and implications of work based drug tests. We combine both of these wonderful cannabinoids with our premium grade MCT carrier oil.

Additional Information

At the moment, the CBD/CBG Blends that we have on offer are currently made with 99% Pure Isolate based CBD along with CBG. We are currently working towards releasing a Blend to incorporate our Distillate based CBD and our CBG.  This will then provide us with a full range of blended CBD/CBG products covering a variety of strengths and combinations. It is our aim not only to give our customers a great choice of products but to continually push to find highly effective CBD related formulas. This would in turn give us a range including THC and one without THC. Both the CBD and CBG used in making these blends are manufactured in the United States. It is made in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and they are of a very high quality. 


You may well have noticed that the bottles we use are a very dark purple colour. The reason for this is that we have opted to go for glassware that will protect your product perfectly. The glass used in these bottles is of the highest quality and will preserve your product and maintain its efficacy. As well as this, the pipettes we provide with our oils are graduated to assist in accurate dosing. We offer premium oils, blends and water soluble CBD, our accessories are chosen to provide a similar level of quality.