CBD for Dogs by Incr-edibles

We couldn’t bring ourselves to providing such a wide range of great CBD products without CBD for Dogs. We are delighted to be able to provide CBD to help our fabulous four legged friends. The following captions show our model Oscar was more than happy to put our treats to the test.

CBD for Dogs

We couldn’t bring ourselves to providing such a wide range of great CBD products without including Dogs. We take great delight in offering these CBD dog goods to include treats and oil for your dogs.  

Using our vegan dog treat recipe we have made these biscuits. for your favourite pets to try. We use only the finest ingredients together along with our 99% pure CBD Isolate.  As a result, the CBD used is THC-Free and as such is an ideal option for animals. Ours consist of Bananas, Oats, Peanut Butter MCT Oil and CBD.  Slowly cooking our biscuits means that the CBD still retains its effectiveness.

The 99% pure Isolate based oil used in this particular recipe is also available as a separate product (see below). This can be bought  and added into your dogs favourite food should you choose to do this instead.

“Quality above everything else”


As well as our delicious CBD Dog treats we also provide our Unflavoured 99% Pure CBD oil drops. Like our Dog Treats these drops are also THC-Free and made using premium quality MCT oil. Use our CBD for dogs bottled drops which you can add to your dogs favourite food for hassle free dosing. Our CBD for dogs bottle contains 600mg of CBD it is provided at this strength to keep dosing amounts easy to calculate. Each drop from this bottle will contain 1mg of CBD and as such the directions for use are as follows;

Small Dogs.                          3mg dose.                   3 drops

Medium Sized Dogs.         6mg dose.                   6 drops

Large Dogs.                         10mg dose.                10 drops


CBD for Dogs 2
CBD fro Dogs 3

"Do you know where that Dog Treat disappeared to Oscar?"

Please leave a gap of at least 6 hours if you intend giving your dog a 2nd treat the same day. We hope both you and your dogs enjoy using these products and we would love to hear from you.