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Hi, thank you for joining us here in your search for CBD products.  As a new user to CBD and related  products we have directed you to this our help and information page. Here we hope to give you some helpful knowledge and  information. We hope this will assist you in making a good buying decision for your 1st CBD product.

“I keep six honest serving men (they taught me all i knew); Theirs names are What and Why and When And How And Where and Who.”  Rudyard Kipling 

What exactly is CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of many compounds found within the Cannabis plant. It is legally safe to use these products in the U.K. as long as THC levels (if applicable) fall within legal guidelines. CBD products can be purchased without any THC included (CBD Isolate) as well as with it (Broad or Full Spectrum CBD). We sell both types.

What can this product do for me?

We have an issue here in that in the U.K. with regards to discussing CBD fully and openly. The MHRA (Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency) do not allow companies to make any medical claims about CBD products. On this basis, we would advise you to conduct some research on the internet. There you can see that it is showing to be very helpful for a huge number of people. Look to see what information you can find regarding your own particular needs if you haven’t already done this. 

What product should I be looking for?

In line with the above we highly advise conducting some research.  By doing this you should learn what CBD products are available to help you.  Alternatively, send us a message telling us  what you would like help with. Using your information, we will recommend the most suitable products from our range for your needs. We will work with you to find the most suitable item for your needs.

What strength/dosage should I begin with?

There is no correct answer to this question. It can change greatly from person to person based on a large number of variables. We will give you clear instruction on the best way to find your optimum dosage amount


What assurances do I have on the quality of your product?

We buy from one of the largest CBD manufacturers in the world who Batch test all of their products. We then receive these test certificates showing us the results. Lab reports can be made available on request. We have other certificates given to us by the supplier including testing for pesticides, residual solvents, allergens, shelf stability etc. Additionally, our cannabinoids are made in America using Good Manufacturing Practices which provides consistency through production. Great care has been taken in the making these goods with the emphasis being on both safety and quality. Because of this our products are effective and very safe

Why should I start using Cannabinoids?

People start using CBD for a large number of reasons. The vast majority of people have either read somewhere or heard from friends that it has helped them. Other people decide to take CBD as a supplement in respect to their overall wellness. Whatever those reasons may be we are finding that the changes these people make are proving to be beneficial.

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Why should I buy from Incr-edibles as opposed to other suppliers?

At this point we are not going to tell you that we are the biggest company with the best prices. Nor will we tell you that our products are the best and that our customer service is second-to-none. What we can say is that we are an independent company who takes great care in selecting our product range. Our aim is to help customers and we delight in hearing the benefits that they experience from using our products. Where possible we aim to provide a 1st class customer experience. We work with our customers to maximise the benefit our products provide for them. At Incr-edibles we understand fully that it is our products that do the hard work. We just help them to do that.

When is it best to start using CBD?

Lots of people don’t consider CBD use until they have a health issue that is bothering them. However, it is perfectly fine to introduce it to your daily routine as an aid to all round wellness. There are many positive experiences  derived from regular CBD use.  There is no reason why you can’t benefit from these without the need to heal injuries or pain etc.

How can I take Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are taken in a number of ways and we cater for most of them. By far the most common method of use is CBD Oil drops. However, a great alternative to this would be in the form of a Water Soluble product. Added to this, we have a range of edible products to include gummies and mints. Also in stock we have CBD capsules and topical products such as a CBD salve and a balm. Although CBD vape products are available on the market this is not a product we stock. We will be more than happy to discuss our options that we have available should you require any guidance.

Where are Incr-edibles based?

We are based in Scotland in the U.K. We are an online only company.

Where can I find people to chat to about your products and service?

We have our own Facebook CBD users group with a growing membership. It is called Incr-edibles CBD Users Group U.K.

You can join us and discuss our products with our customers. Ask them for their advice and experience using our products or even just to find out some information.  Then please feel free to apply to become a member and we will happily welcome you. We also have some helpful blogs and information there which will hopefully help you in understanding CBD and other cannabinoids. There are also dosage guides and advice on choosing the right products along with the odd article on CBD.

Where should I be looking to start with regards to my CBD journey?

We always suggest that people either conduct some research or reach out to us and have a discussion. This way we can try to guide you in the right direction. We have a wide number of products and they all have their various strengths and benefits.  Our knowledge and experience working with these will help us to make the best recommendation to you.


Beautiful Colorado, U.S.A.  where all of our CBD and related products originate from.

Where do you source your products from and why?

As mentioned previously we source our products from the U.S.A.We understand that the vast majority of high quality CBD and related cannabinoid products currently originate from here. Our supplier is a major contributor in that. Nothing says more about your company than the quality of the products you provide.  We feel lucky and delighted to work with one of the most professional CBD producers in the world today.

Where can I discuss my requirements prior to purchasing a product from you?

We have included a contact form on the website where you can leave a message.  We will reply to your message(s) as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can send us a message on our facebook page at


Or you can apply to join our Facebook users group which is;