CBD Topicals - Salve, Balm and Cream

Introducing our range of CBD Topicals which are our excellent Muscle Salve, CBD Muscle Balm and our CBD Body Cream 

CBD Muscle Salve

CBD Salve


Our 200mg Mint and Rosemary Muscle Salve is a great topical product. This has been formulated for use on sore and tired muscles and as there is 200mg in this 20g container it makes it a very strong and powerful concentration. Feedback from our customers has been very promising where they have recommended it highly. Most who tried it were  surprised at just how effective it was for them. This salve is smooth and is absorbed easily into the skin, it also has a beautiful scent. A great little CBD addition that can easily be carried about with you for those times when you need it most.

CBD Muscle Balm


This convenient CBD Balm is brought to you in a fantastic roll on applicator. Our product can be gently massaged into the skin without having to get your hands covered in balm. Containing 400mg of CBD this product will work well either on it’s own or in combination with any of our Oil and Water based CBD options. This will provide you with localised relief where you want to target a specific area. It easy application making it both practical as well as powerful..

CBD Balm

In line with all of our products we sell the Cbd used in them is made in the USA and manufactured following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is certified accordingly. These are high quality products providing fantastic results quickly and effectively.