Distillate (Broad Spectrum) CBD

Our Distillate is the complete CBD package containing all the compounds contained within the plant . This particular Distillate contains very good levels of both CBG and THC. A fantastic all round, pure CBD product.

Powerful and Flexible

Incr-edibles Distillate is a (Broad Spectrum) CBD product that contains all the cannabinoids within the plant including THC. This particular Distillate oil also has good levels of CBG (Cannabigerol) included. Broad Spectrum CBD oil is normally defined as a CBD product where all the THC has been removed. This would normally then leave all the other cannabinoids and terpenes in place but this is not the case here. The levels of THC in this product are high. This is in comparison to a lot of other products on the market referred to as Full Spectrum oils. In line with all our CBD and other cannabinoid products we sell this is a quality American product. All cannabinoid products sold by us and included in our products is manufactured in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Cooking with this CBD

If you have thought about cooking with CBD then this may be just what you are looking for. While having an earthy smell and taste it will blend seamlessly into your favourite dishes. Just be careful when calculating how much to use and have fun in creating your own CBD delights.

As a result, this particular CBD product is a fantastic option for adding to your favourite recipes. This is something not missed by us and we intend including it into our new range of truffles (available soon). As well as our truffles we are also looking at matching it with our Raw Heather honey  which we will be introducing. We also have this product available in our Distillate based capsules which are great for ease of use and flexibility.

Finally, as this product contains THC this may be something you need to consider for work based drug tests.  CBG levels are also high with this product making it one very complete CBD package. Additionally, this Distillate has been made without the use of any additives and the result is a pure product high in quality. From the moment we opened this product the room filled with a beautiful aroma. We cannot praise this product highly enough and hope that you will be willing to give it a try.