Edibles range including great tasting products

Edibles by Incr-edibles include these great tasting CBD Gummies which are infused with CBD isolate. This ensures accurate, regular, dosing each time you eat one.

Our range of great CBD edibles. Flexibility with Flavour

25mg CBD Gummies

edibles gummiesEdibles

Here we include these great tasting CBD Gummies which are infused with CBD isolate. As such, they are accurately formulated and this gives you regular, equal dosing each time you eat one.

Containing a strong 25mg dose of CBD these gummies also taste great.

CBD Food products release the contained CBD into your body more slowly when eaten. Because of this, the CBD lasts longer than when taken using oil based products under the tongue. This type of sublingual delivery of CBD gives more of a spike effect. Our THC-Free gummies contain no animal products so are ideal for vegans. As it contains no THC this product is 100% safe to use with regards to work based drug testing. The flavours included are are Raspberry, Mango, Lemon-lime & Strawberry.

15mg CBD Mints

Our CBD Chewable Mints are not a common sight within the world of CBD products. This is an excellent, easy method of CBD delivery and all in a fresh and tasty package. Great tasting and THC-Free with a very nice 15mg dose of CBD for each mint.

Available in packs of either 30 or 60 these mints are made using 99% pure CBD Isolate.  So again, this THC-Free option is perfect for professionals who may have to undertake work based drug testing.

Quality, taste and convenience are the benefits of this particular CBD option.

CBD Chewable Mints
CBD Distillate Capsules

The CBD Soft Gel capsules we offer are available in two different types. There are Full Spectrum capsules containing all the plants compounds including THC or a THC-Free, CBD Isolate option. As a result of these 2 options you can use either to suit your own needs.

Our edible options that promote choice for all of our customers and cover most needs. Additionally, this is reflected in the strengths we offer these capsules in.  We stock both 10mg and our high strength 30mg options for both capsule types.

This means we can offer you 4 alternative capsule types for quality along with choice.