Flavoured Oils containing Fruit Flavours

Flavoured Oils

CBD flavoured oils designed by Incr-edibles providing you with great tasting CBD.  Made using a premium quality MCT Oil, CBD and then adding excellent natural flavourings. This result is the range of great tasting CBD oils that you can find below. The most important ingredient here is of course is the 99% Pure CBD Isolate.  This means that these particular flavoured CBD oils are all THC-Free options. As such, they are a great choice for those of you who have to undertake work based drug testing.

Flavoured Oils 300mg

Our 300mg bottles are a good starting point if you are new to CBD products. Each drop from one of these bottles would give you 0.5mg of 99% pure CBD. We normally recommend a starting point of 8mg which would equate to 16 drops of this strength of CBD.

Flavoured Oils 600mg

Our 600mg bottles are our mid-range offerings for this product. Working out your dose with this size of bottle couldn’t be easier with 1 drop equal to 1mg of 99% pure CBD. As we normally recommend a starting dose of 8mg this would equate to 8 drops of this strength.

Flavoured Oils 1200mg

Our highest strength option within this range of flavoured oils are these 1200mg bottles. With these, our recommended starting dose of 8mg of CBD only equates to 4 drops from the bottle as each drop is the equivalent of 2mg of CBD. Please note that all of these bottles include a graduated pipette to make it easy to calculate your dose accurately.