How much CBD to take.


We have put together this little guide for you to try to help you find your best dosage amount. We hope you find it helpful.

Firstly, when you buy your 1st bottle of CBD, CBG or related product you need to work out your best dosage amount. We recommend that you should start off by taking 8mg of the product and working from there. 

Why 8mg?  This is a sensible amount to begin with and has served our customers well in the past.

Please do not try to split this up into 2 doses of 4mg, this is where a lot of 1st time CBD users go wrong. We are not trying to spread out the 8mg dose at all.  This is about working out how much of the product you need to take for it to work for your needs. The amount needed can vary a lot from person to person and will be based on your own individual requirements.

To begin with, you should try approximately 8mg CBD for the 1st day or 2. Should you feel that it is not doing anything or working for you then add another 2mg of CBD etc. If after doing this you have still not felt anything add another 2mg. Continue to do this until it starts to have an effect on you, this is called finding your “Sweet Spot”.

From this point on you will know to go straight to the amount which works in respect of your needs.

There are cases where people sometimes need fairly large doses in order to gain relief. As a rule of thumb, we advise not to exceed 70mg per day of any of our products.

It is widely accepted that the maximum amount of CBD an adult should take in any given day is 200mg. However, as mentioned previously we do not recommend doses near this level.

CBD and other related Cannabinoid products are best taken (sublingually) under the tongue. Drop the required amount under your tongue and leave them there for at least 1 minute before swallowing.

Some people find it difficult counting the drops while holding the pipette in their mouth. In this case, we would advise dropping the desired amount of drops onto a teaspoon and then placing them under the tongue accordingly.

CBD use guide


1. Start with 8mg of CBD/CBG etc.


2. Increase by 2mg at a time.


3. Find your Sweet Spot

* Please note that the starting dose with out Water Soluble CBD is only 4mg due to it’s effectiveness