“545” range consisting of our 5ml sample bottles

545 sample range

It might seem strange to some but this “545” range of small bottles is the pride of our collection. The idea for these 5ml bottles arose out of  the need for someone to provide an opportunity for potential customers to sample CBD products at a reasonable cost. We feel we have managed to achieve this by offering 5ml bottles of various types of CBD and related Cannabinoids for just £5 each including postage. The price is in no way a reflection of the quality of our oils, this is merely our way of giving customers the chance to sample our products cheaply before making a more costly investment in their CBD. The £5 cost of any of these bottles can later be redeemed against your first larger bottle of the same product. 

Please note:  Each customer is limited to 1 bottle of each product, no further purchases of the same product can be made by the same person” 


CBG (Cannabigerol)    CBG is another cannabinoid from the hemp plant. This powerful compound is often referred to as the “Stem Cell” or “Mother of all Cannabinoids” It is from this particular Cannabinoid that both CBD and THC originate. This is another of our products which is THC Free so it is ideal option for professionals.

Water Soluble CBD This product is up to 10 x more effective than oil based CBD due to its compatibility with our bodies. This is because of the increased uptake of the product referred to as Bioavailability. As a result, the maximum effect of the CBD is provided. This means that with this particular product less is needed making it a very economical option.

CBD Flavoured Oil – This is our 99% pure CBD Isolate based oil, available unflavoured or with 5 other fruit flavours. Consisting of Strawberry, Lemon, Banana, Orange or Mint flavouring to enhance the taste of these oil based CBD products. This CBD is as pure as it comes and has no THC included at all. It is 100% safe as a product for anyone having to undertake work base drug tests. This CBD is also made using our premium grade MCT Oil.

CBD/CBG Blend -We have introduced this particular product to bring you the best of both worlds. Our CBG has been blended with CBD to create a product that maximises the potential of each individual Cannabinoid. This match is one that has been identified as being extremely beneficial.

Please note:  The above bottle strengths are made up to reflect 1 drop being equal to 1mg of CBD, CBG, Blend etc.    This means that these little bottles are the equivalent strength of a 600mg product in a 30ml bottle.