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Water Soluble (Broad Spectrum) CBD – Our 5ml sample bottle of Water Soluble CBD contains 100mg of CBD.  This concentration is the equivalent strength of our 30ml bottle of 600mg which we sell for £45.00.  This product is up to 10 x more effective than oil based CBD due to its compatibility with our bodies.

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Water Soluble CBD, Water.

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GMP product made in the U.S.A. Water Soluble CBD by Incr-edibles is up to 10x more effective than most oil based CBD of the same strength. The reason for this is that our bodies, made mainly of between 60% – 70% water do not easily absorb oil. However, with this particular product because of its water solubility and compatibility with our bodies we are able to attain much greater levels of effectiveness from the CBD contained within. This is referred to as Bioavailability, Water soluble products are one of the most effective delivery systems for CBD and as such this makes it a particularly effective option. This is a Broad Spectrum option and does contain THC. You can use this in food or drinks and still maintain the great effect of this very good CBD option.

The Incr-edible Difference

With this product like all of the samples in our “545” range the bonus is the redeemable code. We will provide along with the usage instructions a £5 off code for your 1st purchase of your 1st larger bottle. This ensures a great cheap way to trial the product before buying a larger bottle. We hope that this enables an affordable option to anyone hoping to try CBD. Our understanding is that we are the 1st company in the U.K. to offer such a deal. This low cost of these products in no way is a reflection of the quality of the products. These are fantastic oils and have stood the test of time with our client base. Please note that the £5 cost of this offer is inclusive of 2nd class postage costs. We pride ourselves on this particular range of products. 


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