3mg CBD Dog Treats (for Small Dogs)


Our 3mg CBD dog Treats have been made for small dogs. The 3mg amount of CBD contained within each biscuit is an ideal amount. They are packed full of good ingredients and contain 99% pure CBD which is THC-Free.

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Ingredients: Oats, Bananas, Peanut Butter, MCT Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol)



CBD Dog Treats for small dogs made with 3mg of  THC-Free CBD Isolate. Treats made boasting a range of excellent ingredients for your dog. To begin with, we have brought together Bananas, Peanut Butter, Coconut oil, Oats and CBD. Finally, we have blended these and slowly cooked them over many hours to retain the qualities of the CBD. We think your dogs will love these.

A Dogs Alternative

As an alternative to these dogs treats we provide unflavoured CBD Oil. This can then be easily added to your dogs favourite foods. If you decide to opt for this over the treats we would recommend the 600mg mid-strength bottle. The reason for this is that 1 drop would equal 1 mg of CBD so it makes accurate dosing very easy to follow. For small dogs this would equate to 3 drops / 3mg of that particular CBD Oil

The CBD we use for dogs

The reason we decided to make our Dog Treats with our 99% Pure CBD Isolate as opposed to Full Spectrum CBD is as follows.  With CBD Isolate the CBD is extracted from the plant on its own without any other compounds, In effect, it is “isolated,” hence the name. Full Spectrum CBD on the other hand contains all the plants compounds including THC.  THC is the compound found within the cannabis genus of plants that gives people the “stoned” sensation. The amount of THC within legal CBD Oils in the U.K. is a maximum level of less than 0.2%. Although this is only a trace amount we feel that it is much safer for dogs not to be given CBD goods that can induce any kind of psychotropic effect. We hope that this will help you to understand that the CBD products we offer and provide for your dogs are made with the best possible intentions with regards to their wellbeing.


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