(Cannabigerol) 1200mg


  • Approximately 600 drops per bottle.
  • This bottle should last 120 days with (1x10mg serving per day).
  • This above daily dosage costs would work out as £0.38 per day.
  • A Graduated Pipette is included as standard for accurate dosing measurements.
  • We use only the best biophotonic glassware to protect and preserve your product.
  • This product is THC-Free and manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Made using only the finest quality MCT Oil.
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  • vf

Ingredients: CBG (Cannabigerol), MCT Oil.

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CBG (Cannabigerol) is another cannabinoid from the hemp plant. This powerful Cannabinoid is often referred to as the “Stem Cell” or “Mother of all Cannabinoids” It is from this particular Cannabinoid that both CBD and THC originate. CBG oil is a fairly new addition to the cannabinoid products currently on sale. In part, this was due to the relatively small amounts of this particular compound found within the hemp plant. However, expertise in plant breeding and larger quantities of extractable CBG now makes this cannabinoid economically viable. As a result, we can now make it available as a potent addition to the range of products we offer.. Again, this product has no THC contained within it. As such, it is perfect for anyone who has to undergo work based drug testing.


We felt there was no point in us sourcing such great CBD and not looking after it. So, with this in mind we have used a specially designed type of bottle to protect the products we sell. This glassware as mentioned previously is called biophotonic and prevents harmful rays from affecting the CBD. Bottles and jars made with this type of glass have been shown to be very effective at preserving food products. Additional to this we also include as standard clearly marked pipettes for ease of use when dosing. Our products are made from the best quality ingredients and stored using the fantastic glassware. Here at Incr-edibles we really do mean it when we say “Quality above everything else”.

How Much Should I Use

1 drop of CBD from this bottle is 2mg of CBG. Our guidelines on how to use this product can be found by clicking on this button; (Start with 10mg – 5 drops)


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