Water Soluble (Broad Spectrum) CBD

Product Description

This Water Soluble CBD is up to 10x more effective than similar strength oil based CBD products. The reason for this is that our bodies which are made up of between 60% – 70% water do not easily absorb oil. However, with this particular product because of it’s water solubility and compatibility with our bodies we are able to attain much greater levels of effectiveness from the CBD contained within. This is referred to as Bioavailability, Water soluble products are one of the most effective delivery systems for CBD and as such this makes this a particularly effective option. This is a Broad Spectrum option and does contain THC. We point this out so that anyone who does have the possibility of having to undertake work based drug tests can research this and make informed decisions based on their findings. Other than that, we have many customers who use and love this product. A very effective and economical CBD option.

Additional Information

When we state that this Water Soluble CBD is up to 10x more effective than similar strength oil based equivalents it is because of the following.  Our bodies are mainly made up of water (60%-70%), when we consume oil based products the body has difficulty in absorbing the CBD oil.  In simple terms this is due to the size of the oil molecules which do not combine well with the water molecules in our body. As a result of this the oil based CBD benefits are impacted in quite a negative way. This means that only somewhere between 5% – 20% of the effectiveness is derived from the CBD contained within oil based tinctures whereas with Water Soluble products the effectiveness of the CBD is in excess of 90%. Because of this much less of the product is needed for the desired result and in effect it becomes a very good and cost effective CBD solution.


You may well have noticed that the bottles we use are a very dark purple colour. The reason for this is that we have opted to go for glassware that will protect your product perfectly. The glass used in these bottles is of the highest quality and will preserve your product and maintain its efficacy. As well as this, the pipettes we provide with our oils are graduated to assist in accurate dosing. We offer premium oils, blends and water soluble CBD, our accessories are chosen to provide a similar level of quality.